Way of the Blade


Sword fighting in feudal Japan


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Way of the Blade is a 2D fighting game where you can participate in exciting 1v1 duels armed with different types of swords. The style of the game is in certain ways reminiscent of the PlayStation classic Soul Blade.

You can choose between several different characters, such as a male or female warrior, or a demon. No character has an advantage over the rest, since in Way of the Blade the only thing that counts is how skillful you are.

You can use four different types of attacks and defensive moves. To perform any action you need stamina, which replenishes slowly. This means that you have to think before you make any move, as it could quickly lead to your defeat.

Thanks to its detailed combat system, Way of the Blade is especially fun if you're playing against another human player. That said, you can also play against the AI in either arcade or training mode.

Way of the Blade is a 2D sword-fighting game that offers a not-very-common experience for Windows and does so perfectly, with a splendid presentation and more than memorable graphics.
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